Power Season 6 Episode 11 (FULL HD)

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In just over 24 hours Power season 6 episode 11 is going to be here. The moment is right around the corner! We couldn’t be more excited to dive into this twisted world again and see what the writers have to offer … and we imagine that there are a handful of different surprises mixed in.

For now, though, let’s relay the biggest simple thing we know about episode 11 — the title is “Still DRE.” Isn’t that a big sign that this character will be at the center of the action? We like to think so, especially when you consider executive producer Courtney A. Kemp saying to TVLine that “someone everyone loves to hate” is at the center of the story. Doesn’t Dre qualify for that? He’s incredibly magnetic to watch, but also very snake-like in his ability to worm his way out of every possible situation.

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If you haven’t heard the news just yet, all of the upcoming Power episodes are going to cover a little bit of what happened leading up to the big shooting involving Ghost … but there will be a little bit of other info sprinkled in for after the fact:

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