Locked Dragon Valley (2019) | Bollywood Movie

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Story Line:

A long time ago, the robbers robbed a large number of gold and silver treasures when they passed through Suolong Valley, and were intercepted by the Mang tribe. Both sides and horses were killed in Suolong Valley, but in the end, neither side went out of Suolong Valley and disappeared strangely. All the treasures are unknown, some say that they are all destroyed, some are eaten by beasts in the primitive jungle, and some are trapped by witches. In order to find the treasure, Wu Kong went to Suolong Temple alone to get the treasure map and the treasure hall that opened the treasure, and then went to Suolong Valley

Filesize: 286.07 MB
Director: Xu Ruiyang Year
Genre: Fantasy, Advennture
Starring: Wen Dongjun , Qiong Dan, Li Muyao


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