Esther’s relationship with Frodd is only a strategy for her to Gain Fans Support in the BBNaija Pepper.

Base on the news surrounding the entertainment BBNaija Family Before now Frodd was recently spotted on camera trying to lure his love interest Esther to bed. The lady who did not want to get down with him warned him to stay off her and go to his bed.

Amidst their tussle, it became evident that Frodd, who already had his pants pulled down below his groin, wanted a piece of the action and was not going to relent until he got some. Esther, however, was not ready to let him touch her so he persistently asked him to go back to his bed.

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 In between their dialogue, Biggie called Frodd into the diary room to have a quick talk with him. After their conversation, Frodd was said to have gone back to his bed to sleep quietly.

Since then Esther changed the reading of her game strategy when she told Ebuka that she has gotten to know Frodd who is really not what he think he is to her and as such course a change in the course of their relationship.

The news was refreshing to Frodd, who had been on a chase to get the attention of his love-interest since the second week in the BBNaija house.

In the last few weeks, Esther has been playing Frodd’s love-interest in public but has consistently drawn the line in private. Thou you can say that Esther claims to love frodd in the public but does otherwise in private which really look absurd to the public watching.

However, in the past few weeks have seen Esther claiming love with Frodd around the room, dinning, garden and even in the Head of the House room where eyes can catch with them but in private conversations between the pair clearly show that she is neither in love nor planning to fall in love with Frodd.

It was made clear by Esther during the Private time with Frodd that he should not think there is something common in between them and the feelings he have towards her should not be further emphasis In the ninth week.

Not only that the public are confuse about the dynamic change of Esther attitude towards frodd even Mercy was trying to express how surprise about the sudden change.

During the conversation with Diane and Elozonam in the kitchen, Mercy said “She’s acting just to be seen around him always,” as they discussed the other resident issues. As they both agreed to this, Diane revealed that she was shocked to see Esther move to Frodd quickly and has recently been hanging around him frequently.

Mercy still continue by saying Esther is only using her relationship with Frodd as a strategy. She said, “Esther thinks that being in a relationship will get her more fans outside the House because she thinks the audience will appreciate couples more.

Frodd is love, his type of love is too rare,” Mercy continued as she spoke to Diane and Elozonam. The leader of the PowerPuff girls further revealed that she felt sad seeing Frodd get played by Esther and stylishly put it in words that Esther wasn’t deserving of Frodd’s pure love towards her.

There was a time Venita was kind of loving Frodd during her first week in the house and trying to get in between Esther relationship which she failed.

During her second reign as the Head of House, Esther chose Frodd to enjoy the room privileges with her but had the ‘supposed’ lover at arm’s length.

While Esther and Frodd were leaving the Arena, Esther had asked if Frodd would cry had she not picked him to enjoy the HoH room with her and Frodd kept mute.

Ebuka was asked about the sudden change in the relationship between Esther and Frodd and she replied saying, “I got to know him.” Again, she was asked if the feelings Frodd has for her is mutual and she replied in the affirmative.

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