The Deputy Coordinator of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Southwest, Nigeria, Akinwunmi Akinshola Akeem (Versatile) through a press statement signed by his Director of Media and publicity, Uformadu Ikechukwu John has enjoined Nigerian Students in southwest to be weary of this pandemic virus called Coronavirus, while encouraging students to strictly adhere to every precautionary measures laid down by the government and other health practitioners. He also enjoined marketers and storekeepers to be considerate at such a time as this; to think humanity and life first before profit not to inflate the prices of goods as we all are at the mercy of this endemic that has turned pandemic.

In his statement, he lauds the preempt, prompt and potent efforts of the state governments to forestall this plague especially in our region. He said, “we must give accolades to the workaholics governors in our region for their prompt and counterattack missile and policies employed in combating the virus. We are certain and confident that things are under control and cases recorded in any of these states have been quarantined and are given necessary medical attention. We are definite that this shall be a thing of the past in no distant time.”

While also calling on the Federal Government and State Government in the South Western region to as a matter of urgency declare a state of emergency in our Health and Educational sector as these two sectors serve as the bedrock of any country and also demanding an increase in the budgetary allocations of these sectors. He said, “we are no longer in the stoneage, gone are those days when we need the lid of a bottle, stones, cowries and abacus for calculation. The world has gone sophisticated, we must embrace these advancements to meet up with other developed and developing countries like China, Cuba and Italy. This plague may serve as a call to change-in-order.” He said, “We should start embracing I.C.T in our schools and for our students, technology has made communication and learning easy. Schools and school administrators should start making provisions for online learnings through WhatsApp groups and all other social media platforms to engage students while away from school. This is very germane now so as to avoid and avert a repetition of such calamitous situation.

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We also want to encourage students to strictly adhere to the precautionary directives from the state government. We advise students to in their own interest remain indoor, wash their hands regularly, avoid shaking of hands, report any suspected case(s) to appropriate authority as soon as possible, avoid populated assembly, get accurate information and avoid spreading false and unconfirmed reports.

We call for a concerted effort from all and sundry: Parents, teachers, religious leaders among others to be responsible in their leadership mandate, to obey and honour constituted authorities so as to foster unity towards the fight against this and other anti-human plagues.

Viva A Luta,
God bless Nigeria Students.

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